The awards to Research Circle Associates by the National Institutes of Health will establish the feasibility of designing key components of an innovative computerized risk screening and brief intervention software program that would be appropriate for use in a variety of healthcare settings.

Innovative Computer Prototype for HIV Screening and Brief Intervention

Our research-driven design of a computerized screening and intervention system could improve patient disclosure of risk behaviors and dramatically enhance the capacity of the healthcare system to deliver prevention/intervention to a broad spectrum of patients.
NIH Grant Number: 1R41DA029497-01

Promoting Healthy Life Style Changes through Interactive Direct Feedback

Our key technology is a computer application designed to deploy a questionnaire on a touchscreen tablet (e.g., an Apple iPad™) to patients in a physician waiting room that will provide interactive direct feedback on behaviors related to an individual’s risky health behaviors in real time based on demographic data for regions. Information gathered is intended to be a potent stand-alone intervention and/or a conversation-starter for patients and primary care providers. Eventually, integrating doctor interactions can advance the quality of patient care. NIH Grant Numbers: 1R41AA020451-01A1; 2R42AA020451-02; 5R42AA020451-03

Helping Community Clinics to Monitor Their Performance

We have designed a computerized performance monitoring evaluation and improvement system for small resource-constrained community based clinics. The relatively low-cost system monitors performance metrics such as patient satisfaction, waiting time, no-show rate, referral follow-up, and data completeness. NIH Grant Numbers: 1R43MD008594-01; 5R43MD008594-02