Through dedication to high quality and objective research and analysis, Research Circle Associates works to gather the knowledge, insight, and information needed to create effective and enduring solutions for improving public health.

Developing Behavioral Screening Technology

Research Circle Associates is committed to providing the health care community with more effective and efficient technology solutions that support prevention and positive lifestyle choices.  We provide patient data collection and assessment tools. Research Circle Associates also provides expertise in using computer-assisted interview design to improve the validity and reliability of sensitive data collected in surveys.

Transforming Knowledge into Treatment

Research Circle Associates has developed and evaluated a computerized risk screening and brief intervention for use in general medical settings that could ultimately have a profound impact on public health. Computerized risk screening could offer health professionals important guidance for providing targeted risk-reduction counseling and linkages to care. A computerized screening product with a built-in brief intervention could also dramatically enhance the capacity of the health care system to deliver prevention services.


HIV, alcohol misuse, and other diseases associated with lifestyle choices continue to be major public health problems in the United States. However, efforts to incorporate prevention into mainstream medical practice have faced barriers due to severe constraints on time and personnel that characterize many modern healthcare delivery settings. This circumstance has created a real demand for evidence-based behavioral interventions that are responsive to the constraints of modern healthcare environments.