Technology Solutions

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At Research Circle Associates, LLC, we apply our experience and expertise to link “best practices” in survey research to knowledgeable decisions regarding which data collection mode to use under what data-collection circumstances, within which populations for a given construct of interest. We believe computer-assisted survey strategies have the potential for adding to the body of reliable and valid data necessary for articulating coherent public health policy and addressing collateral legal and medical issues.


To improve policy and decision making through support of research and analysis; to provide cutting edge technological solutions to address today’s difficult, sensitive, and important healthcare challenges.


We offer web-based screening and brief intervention software applications for the primary care setting. The products are designed to encourage patient honesty in reporting risky health behaviors to their care providers.


We help Accountable Care Organizations put patient-oriented prevention initiatives in place.


Through dedication to high quality and objective research and analysis, we strive to promote efforts to create knowledge, insight, information, options, and effective and enduring solutions.


Research Circle Associates has brought together a complementary team of experts from an array of disciplines including medicine, health economy, information science, and software program development.  More Information